First day went off without a hitch.

This school won’t be as bad as I thought. 

Mumford and Sons - White Blank Page

I suppose I should say hello to everyone.


It is not the only thing that needs to be talked about, but it is the most important thing to talk about. No doubt on that. And I don’t think they’re many things in the world that matters as much as that. -shrugs- And I wouldn’t say robot, I would say you become a better leader when it’s the only thing that matters. 

A better leader?! Are you implying that because I do not regard politics in the same manner as you that I’m not going to be as good of leader as you?! What is with the men of this school acting so high and mighty all the time? You are no modern day Adonis and you are letting your head get far too big. 

I suppose I should say hello to everyone.


Why, of course it is the only thing I’m interested in. A future king needs to discuss these things only. Sometimes in life you need to put your preoccupations at the right place. Politics are the only thing that needs to be talked about.

You are not king at this very moment in time though. You may be a future king, but that doesn’t mean your life has to run like that. Politics are certainly not the only thing that needs to be talked about! There are many other things in the world that matter just as much as politics. I refuse to be a robotic leader of my people acting as if politics are the only thing I care about. 

I suppose I should say hello to everyone.


Yeah, anytime. School is actually boring these days, so it’ll be my pleasure to talk about interesting things. 

Not allowed at all? Well, if you did find a way you’re clever. But anyway, that must be upsetting. My own father usually shares my ideas and approves of them. My mother and the Council are the problem. But these are things you don’t care about at some point.

Interesting things as the politics of your country? I’m sure there are other interesting things we can talk about as well. Unless the politics of your country are the only thing you are interested in….

Not technically. But I did find a way to go around all of that and I would agree that I’m very clever. At least when it comes to my father. At least your father is opening to hearing them. Dealing with all the rest might be easier when you are actually king rather than acting regent, that time is still coming. Everything could change with an official title. 

I suppose I should say hello to everyone.


Hello, Enezka! Or do I call you Penny? I’m Eleanor, 20. It’s nice to meet you.

It’s Anezka, but please just call me Penny. It’s nice to meet you as well. How are you doing?

I suppose I should say hello to everyone.


I get your point. I had the chance to play as King regent last semester, and most of the learning we do I think is when you’re sitting on the throne. And it is really frustrating to realise that you have a lot of ideas that you can’t put in action because you don’t have the rights to.

 But I do think that you can try to change some things even if you’re not king or queen yet. So, I’d say I’ve never really been the most impatient of men around here. I know where I stand and I won’t force things out. 

I read about that in the paper. I didn’t even realize till right now that was you. Andrew McClaine. Hm. Interesting. One day we will have to talk about that more, I’d love to hear the situation you were put into. If you would indulge me that is. 

With my father, his children were not allowed to put anything in motion. I’m technically not allowed to make public statements about where I stand on issues. It’s rather upsetting. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found ways to get my stance to the public without directly going against his word. 

I suppose I should say hello to everyone.


Ah, that’s the best way to think things out.

A people pleaser? Probably. But that’s what politic is all about, darling. Not really, you get the hang of things really quickly usually. And if you’re willing to do efforts, of course. I’m actually eager to have the throne; not in a tyranic way. But I don’t know. It’ll be another experience. Another life.

I would say yes to the people pleasing thing. I am also very excited to take the throne. I want to start that life because I hate living the one I am living now. Just spending all my time preparing for something that will take years to achieve. It’s time for us to start living these other lives, in my opinion. At least those of us that have prepared so long for this.

I’m the first in line so since my birth I’ve been groomed into this. The future queen of Czech. You cannot tell me you aren’t getting impatient? It is also very depressing that we are essentially waiting for our parents to get so old they don’t want to lead anymore or die.

Look who it is.


But I must, as a future leader or whatever the fuck I have to look forward to after this bullshit.

Temper, temper. Make no mistake, the years of silence between us have been blissful. I’m only disappointed it had to end. But don’t worry, I’ll stop insinuating things I honestly don’t have the energy to care about in the first place.

Even though I’m probably right.

I’m sure Russia is looking forward to having you be their leader. You are just such a class act. 

Don’t start commenting on my temper. We all know how yours is. You could of gone about your business when you heard about my arrival, but you called me out to play. God, Tony, for someone who doesn’t care, you are pretty fucking insistent on your opinion.

I can go back to Czech whenever I want. Father and I both decided it was best for me to get some formal training it. Unlike you, I only need a couple years. How long have you been here now? Seven years? Eight? How much progress have you made?